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    Point Blank Turkiye (PB-TR)

    I'm Turkish vip hack dxt******.com sales ended, and we're in the middle: (you start sales of the PB-TR Vip hack I'm sure you will be selling a large

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    The cheats should be availible son, We had to make some changes to the loader for the new coder.
    Keep an eye on the Cheat Status page for updates

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    Im agree with my turkısh friends. We are use in the ###### vıp cheats but now ended the sale cheat . If you have starting sale for pb -tr ı m sure very large popularity and we suggest any pb players. Im very glade and thanks you in advance .
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    like Kaged said it will be out soon , and then if you have any questions or any help let me know...

    sizi mutlulukla beklioyrum

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