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    Cancellations on Monthly Subscription - WarZ cheat

    Quick question.

    If during these 30 days OR after. I decide to cancel the subscription (Let's say I get banned or whatever). Would I be able to and if so how because I defiantly want to buy a subscription, but I do have college coming up where I won't have time to play WarZ and don't want to be charged.

    Thank you in advance.

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    If you choose a payment with a * then it is recurring and PayPal will send your payment each month for you.
    If you choose a payment without a * then it is a one time payment that must manually be renewed

    and we have a tutorial for [ how to cancel your paypal recurring sub's ] ...

    and if you thinkin to pay with authorize net , then no need to worry about recurring payment ... only paypal have recurring payment and i gave you the info about it

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