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    Exclamation POINTBLANK PH cheat not working!!

    Hi to the admins and staffs..

    I have a problem injecting the PBPH pub hack.. I play PBPH..
    I used the injector you provided but When i inject the PBhack, an error comes out.. IT Says "ILC[cheat DLL was not found!"
    So I used other injectors like perx x1injector and valkyrie injector.. But when i start the game nothing happened.. The hack was not injected..

    Can you help me how to fix it?.. Or is there something wrong to my game or is the hack maybe detected to pbph. or there is
    something i need to download?..

    It would be great if you will reply to this post! tnx regards to all staffs ang admins..

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    it is already detected point blank as of november 20

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