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    Exclamation Warface Hacks and Cheats Release

    Warface Hacks and Cheats Released and they work on versions NA, EU, RU.
    Our coder is working hard on the new Warface Hacks and they have been made live for all VIP players. These new Warface cheats come with 40 features and include everything from ESP to a full blown aimbot. If you have been under a rock or hiding away from your PC you need to check out the Warface beta now and download it by clicking here. This is going to be one of the most popular free to play first person shooter games this year and you can all have it for free. To make your game even more fun all VIP users signed up with the De.Bug pack will get this free of charge and we will help you unlock all your weapons and win every single round with our Warface hack. Check out a few screens below and see how detailed the game looks.

    Also See: Infestation Hacks and Rust Hack

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2.png 
Views:	1199 
Size:	2.62 MB 
ID:	8162

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface aimbot.jpg 
Views:	2126 
Size:	244.9 KB 
ID:	6114

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9.png 
Views:	1195 
Size:	964.9 KB 
ID:	8163

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface cheats.jpg 
Views:	2152 
Size:	222.2 KB 
ID:	6115

    This information came straight off the Warface page, telling you what the game is all about and why it's so good. The game looks so amazing because of the CryEngine 3, you won't find better graphics on any F2P game anywhere else. So once you become addicted let our Warface hacks take you to the next level with amazing and deadly accurate aimbot kills.

    It's 2023. Nations have collapsed, and a military conglomerate – Blackwood – chokes the life out of all who oppose their rule. You're a member of Warface, a resistance with the firepower and skill to challenge the world’s oppressors. And you know one thing they don't.

    Blaze your way into the next generation of FPS gaming in the ultra-quality free-to-play shooter from the makers of Crysis and Far Cry. Warface ushers in an era of instant accessibility, evolving class-based co-op campaigns, and immersive multiplayer modes – all running on CryENGINE 3 technology optimized to suit virtually any PC.

    Evolving Co-op
    Assemble your squad, choose your class, and travel to the hottest warzones around the world to undertake daily co-op campaign challenges.

    Competitive Multiplayer
    Face off in a host of classic team modes and innovative scenarios where life and death are a split-second apart.

    Latest technology
    Next-generation first-person shooter experience with breathtaking visuals, life-like physics, fluid combat movement, and incredible system performance powered by CryENGINE 3.
    Here is a new video showing off Warface game play, check it out and look at the action, play and those amazing maps. Still don't have it? Is something wrong with you? Grab the Warface Beta NOW!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	15.png 
Views:	1197 
Size:	942.5 KB 
ID:	8164

    Amazing Character Class Details
    The characters and classes are amazing and do so much more than any other military FPS to date. Check out the medic image below and look how detailed he looks. The game really takes each player class to a new level and doing things like bending down to help your team climb to higher levels has never been done like it has in Warface. The maps are so detailed and you have so many choke points it's hard to find the other enemy team at times. Our Warface cheats allow you to see everyone at all times, even when they hide behind objects. Check out the class trailer below showing you more goodies.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface characters.png 
Views:	2154 
Size:	1.92 MB 
ID:	6116

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface hacks.jpg 
Views:	1950 
Size:	268.5 KB 
ID:	6117

    Real Time Weapon Customization
    How about this for some fun? Don't win extra points you have to wait and use in your next round. Stop anytime and any place and upgrade your weapons with new attachments right inside the battle. Check out the video below showing a player upgrading his AK47 and the start of a round. It doesn't get much better than this. Check out the sick shotgun blast with blood spread at 0:31. Right around 0:45 in the movie you can see the player customize his pistol on the run!

    I've been testing the game for a while now and I can't get enough of it, I promise you will love it so get it now and join us for the best Warface hacks and Warface cheats in the world once we release to the VIP members!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface cheat.jpg 
Views:	1931 
Size:	292.6 KB 
ID:	6118

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warface hack.jpg 
Views:	1899 
Size:	295.6 KB 
ID:	6119

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	13.png 
Views:	949 
Size:	2.49 MB 
ID:	8165

    Warface Hack Features

    NEW: Visibility Checks
    NEW: Auto fire: Aimbot fires for you
    Bullet Drop Auto Correct
    Movement Prediction
    Aim point xhair (red crosshair where the aimbot is aiming, along with target name)
    Auto-Switch Target Toggle on/off
    Visible Targets Only Toggle on/off
    Configurable Max Distance
    Configurable Aim Angle (limits the aimbots aim vectors)
    Configurable Prediction Limit
    Configurable Aim Bones
    Critical Distance (targets within this distance take priority over others)
    Smart Target Selection
    Aim at Cloaked targets, configurable on/off

    NEW: Show player skeleton
    Show player name
    Show player distance
    Show player weapon
    Barrel ESP; shows the direction a player is looking in
    Snap lines; draws a line from your position to the enemy!
    Configurable Team Colors(visible, not visible)
    Configurable Enemy Colors(visible, not visible)

    NoSpread, all bullets hit the same point
    NoSway, no more sniper sway!

    BOXES 3D & 2D
    Player Boxes
    Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

    Shows all players
    Configurable Colors
    Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
    Configurable Position

    Configurable Color
    Configurable Size
    Configurable Structure

    Proximity Alert
    Configurable Distance
    Aiming At Your Warnings
    Configurable for Visible / NotVisible Targets

    Save Settings
    Load Settings
    Delete Settings
    Auto-Load Settings

    Memory Scan Bypass
    Screenshot Bypass

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    Do you need help making video promotion/features exposure? I will play this game I can help !

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    hey GG will this also go through to the sister site fps????

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    cheat when he passes out on a real executable, because it is on internet explorer and it fails to cracked

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    Quote Originally Posted by vordrik View Post
    Do you need help making video promotion/features exposure? I will play this game I can help !
    Sure, once the Warface hack has been released you can make a video for us.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbrian View Post
    hey GG will this also go through to the sister site fps????
    Yes it will be sold at FPS and uS as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by kemyzaky2007 View Post
    how to play?
    Sign up for the beta to play, if selected they send you a key. The Warface cheat will be out soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by SickXPsycho View Post
    when is the hack come out?
    ASAP! Keep checking back.

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    I played like 8hours on the beta. Im ready to test this hack :P

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    WOOOOO you ve got my attention

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    Any chance to get early tester for this hack? I have the beta

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