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    Smile Huge WarZ Hack Update - Check Out All Our Work

    Check this out, our coder just updated the WarZ hack again tonight and we are the first site to have "Stack-able Items". What does this mean? Well check out the image below. Other WarZ Hacks have all the items marked where they over lap and you can't tell what is what. We stack the item wording on top of each other so you can always grab the correct loot. Here is a massive list of the other changes we have incorporated in our WarZ cheat.


    This is a pretty big update so read it all please.

    Slight FPS increase (I see about 5 FPS more)
    View height now resets during SS

    Hit speed now has Auto Adjust, scales based on distance (To play it safe use Tweaked)
    Ability to disable drawing the yellow aim marker

    You can now set a key to be used for Instant Disconnect

    Stackable item display (discussed below)
    Hide Notes

    FPS display now works

    Stackable Item Display:

    Ok this one took some work but i was sick of item ESP drawing over each other. When enabled it divides drawing on screen into 256 quadrants (a grid layout). You can enable this and leave Stackable view key to 0 and it will always be on OR you can set a Stackable view key *highly recommended*. I set mine to a thumb button on mouse.

    Example output

    I think I covered about everything I said I would.

    Enjoy !

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 2-1-2013
    New build today in time for the weekend!

    1) Cleaned up menu as many have requested, unusable options removed.
    2) Added option to enable/disable bullet spread
    3) Added option to enable/disable weapon recoil
    4) Added Hit Speed option: Normal, Tweaked, Quick, Faster, Blazing, Evil, Rage and Pure Evil (default)
    5) Added Random bone option (Vis checks and aim point are always head, it is applied later in aimbot code)
    Happy Headshots!

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-31-2013 BUILD #2

    Ok here we go:

    Aimbot: Deadly again nuff said
    Instant Disconnect: Hit numpad 0 if you get in trouble, no 10 second delay.
    Shoot from SZ: I disabled this feature, it causes kicks now.

    Return of Server Hopping:
    You can server hop by using the instant disconnect feature, here's how:
    You must use server browser, quick connect won't work...
    1) Choose the server you want to go to (remember the name) and hit connect
    2) When game switches to the big loading screen hit numpad 0 to disconnect
    3) Once progress bar is done you will get a timeout message press ok
    4) Join the same server you just disconnected from and let it connect normally
    5) Loot away.

    I don't take credit for the server hopping instructions, they were posted elsewhere.
    I just thought end tasking the game sucked so I dug in and came up with disconnect code.

    Enjoy !

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-25-2013
    Sorry for the delay, as I posted in other thread been having some windows issues and had to restore my source code to a previous build.

    1) Skip clan mates should now work.
    2) Changed weapon ESP to show real weapon name
    3) Quick pickup option in menu, not instant but faster. Use at own risk, I've been using it without issues.

    I am still working on accuracy of hitting moving targets but wanted to get the other bug fixes released.

    Speed Tweak:
    I did not include the speed tweak, its in menu but not functional due to stability issues with it.
    I will keep working on that and release if possible or remove the menu entry ext update.

    I have also been starting to weed out their developers and their staff accessing the cheat.
    I've banned a few over the past week and will be looking for more.
    They should take the hint and stay away.

    Have fun and cheat wisely !

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-24-2013
    Crash issue appears to be solved finally.
    If you experience any crashes let us know.
    If you can reproduce the crash include that info, it helps speed fixes up.


    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-21-2013

    Sorry for lack of frequent updates like in the past.
    I have been busy coding and testing the new FairFight system as well as security changes to game client.

    Please read before using!

    First I want to touch on the FairFight system they are using.
    As you enter various levels of warnings a red messsage will appear in global chat, this is from the server.
    Once you get to Level 3 Monitoring you will be banned shortly.
    If you get a warning they seem to clear out after a day, at least mine did.
    If you keep raging you can end up banned so stop playing or at least stop aimbotting people for 24 hours.

    UnFairFight v1.0:
    It's not just a name, this build actually has more security for our users than any other site out there.

    Feature changes:
    Changes to aimbot to reduce detection of use. (still the deadliest out there)
    AAL: Adjustable accuracy limiter for Aimbot (25-100%) for those who want to appear more legit.
    On screen display of aimbot stats
    Loot Markers: Displays *DEAD_PLAYER* and distance where they died.
    Reduced cham glow to remove the fuzzy objects and streaking on screen.
    Confirmed all D3D cheats in the hack are indeed safe to use.

    My DayTime Hack was the first and now the only confirmed safe one out there, the other sites are either disabled or causing bans.
    Unlimited Sprint is USE AT OWN RISK. (I use it but very long runs clear across map could be picked up by server)
    No Fall Damageis always on.
    Recoil and Spread Removal is always on (Sorry has to be that way)
    No bullet drop is always enabled.

    Big thanks to my friends who endured hours of pointless running, allowing me to get them banned and all the fun stuff nobody else wants to do!

    Cheat smart people !


    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-8-2013
    New build with quite a few changes.

    1) I've remove full bright, no fog and no grass since they really had little effect with rendering anyway.
    2) Numerous changes to randomize cheat actions and decrease detection.
    3) I have slowed trigger bot somewhat and default aimbot range is 250m. You set it to what you want but keep in mind they are watching logs and 500m kills are far from legit looking. You can enable stamina, decide if you really need to sprint non stop, again they are monitoring logs and while it may not be as obvious as a speed hack they might ban you for it.

    READ: Go easy in game and get a feel for what you can do. Triggerbotting someone as soon as they are in range is probably NOT a good idea. Decide if you really need to kill someone before you do, if they have nothing to take move on is my advice. That will reduce your risk of players reporting you.

    If you don't care if you get banned then rage on, I do because it's fun but I do it understanding I can get banned. If a ban would make you mad then use common sense, there are too many things you do in game I have no control over.

    Happy headshots


    PREVIOUS UPDATE 1-3-2013
    Added Shoot from Safezone
    Increased trigger bot speed
    Option under cheats to enable games range finder

    READ THIS: DO NOT SHOOT OR HIT ANYONE IN SZ ! You will get kicked and logged !
    If your going to shoot from SZ I would stand on very edge so it's not so obvious.

    Now before the QQ starts: Just because a feature is in the cheat does not mean you should or need to use it. If you choose to use stuff as blatant as shooting from SZ then your on your own should they start banning for doing it. They could add server side checks for doing bad things in game lol.

    I had some people concerned after trigger bot was released that it would cause bans. If you don't use a feature you can't get banned for it that simple.

    Also they have been getting DDOS'd which is why there have been server disconnects, there is not a new A/C yet.

    OK, no more speeches, rage away !


    PREVIOUS UPDATE 12-30-2012
    As promised a build before holidays that supports for Windows 8!

    It also adds an option (default is enabled) under aimbot to disable drawing item ESP while locking on to targets. Good if you have FPS issues.

    Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


    PREVIOUS UPDATE 12-24-2012
    Here's what most of you have been waiting for.

    Get ready to own the battle, unless your not paying attention your not likely to loose if you shoot first.

    Up to 500m hits with no delay, no bullet drop and dead on accuracy.

    Now that your all running out to own with this I am staying out of the game for a while lol

    This will probably be last feature addition until after New Years, I need some down time to relax and enjoy the holidays with family.

    Happy Holidays to all !



    EDIT: I just added an option under aimbot to skip locking onto clan mates. This only works with official clans.

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 12-21-2012
    Updated to work with latest game client.

    In the works: New ultra deadly aimbot is currently being tested, as soon as I sort a lag issue out I will get it released. Were talking hard to miss and accurate within a 500m range. Two shot kills almost every time with M4 and M16.

    PREVIOUS UPDATE 12-13-2012
    This build is to address the below bug reports:

    1) Spinning when locking onto target
    2) Difficulty setting aim key
    3) Win 8 support.

    If you changed mouse sensitivity in game or with mouse software and still experience spinning please set it back to default.

    Win 8 *should* work now. I don't have any spare PC's to install it on so I have no way to test DirectX compatibility

    Previous Release Notes
    First stage of aimbot released.

    Adjustable L/R and U/D field of view for target selection.
    Adjustable distance limit
    Visibility checks
    Custom aim key
    Aim bone is locked to head for now.

    Still to come:
    Spread and recoil removal
    Adjustable bone

    Set aim key (can set manually or use the set Key feature n menu)
    Set FOV L/R and U/D to your liking
    Set max distance.
    When target is visible it will lock onto them until you kill them or release aim key.

    To Set Aimkey
    1) Go down and highlight Aimkey
    2) Press Right Arrow When highlighted
    3) Press Any Key Should Appear on Screen
    4) The Next Key You Push is Set as Aimkey!

    1) If a target steps behind somethign aimbot will hold lock until you release button so watch BB color.
    2) If you up against a tree or fence it will show visible, you can't shoot though them though
    3) Don't try to be superman though until I get spread removed and weapons tweaked up

    Happy hunting!

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    the hack is not working... when you log in with it the game boots and the delete key is NOT working in the char select screen

    EIDITED by killme1

    If your having issue with our loader , please post at help forum:
    Last edited by killme1; February 5th, 2013 at 12:38 AM. Reason: This is an update forum, not support

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    big thanks for this Update verry nice

    ps: EU Server down?

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    warz can ban your account using these's hacks so do not get them

    I have got my waz account banned,so I can not get on my account ever again what are you going to do about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom marriott View Post
    I have got my waz account banned,so I can not get on my account ever again what are you going to do about it.
    They'll do nothing as it isn't their fault, you should expect a ban once in awhile when using hacks. I'm pretty sure they cover this in their ToS as well so buy a new account or not play WarZ your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom marriott View Post
    I have got my waz account banned,so I can not get on my account ever again what are you going to do about it.
    You cant make it obvious that you're cheating.
    Otherwise, yes you will get banned. I started today and its been hella fun.
    I know to not over do it as well.

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    how do i download it? or isnt it out yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boy77boy View Post
    how do i download it? or isnt it out yet?

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    my hide 2 player hack on acound ban my new acound open vip problem Does
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    Smile Im a bit confused :o

    is the link for new hack i know that now but i dont see the download button anywhere? i do see order now button but i already have bought it once. i really need to buy it again or did i miss something? please reply fast. im confused
    Last edited by boy77boy; February 16th, 2013 at 11:13 PM.

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